Journal du Thé

Frequently Asked Questions

We do our best to reply to all emails we receive. Depending on your request it could take some time for us to do so. In the meantime, you can have a look if your questions are answered here.


Where can I purchase a copy of Chapter 1 or 2?

Thanks to you, Chapter 1 is sold out worldwide. We don't have any copies left for sale.

We don't have any stock left but you can still find copies of Chapter 2 from little retailers here and there. Please research online what's available where.


Are you planning to reprint Chapter 1?

There are no current plans to do so as we would like to focus our resources on the coming Chapters. But who knows what will happen around big anniversaries in the future.


How can I contribute to the publication?

Please contact us with your suggestion(s). Please do so thoughtfully by having a look at previous Chapters in order to avoid suggesting content we have already featured. We recommend you familiarise yourself with JdT and the various voices we work with to see if your contribution might be a good fit.

Since we are a yearly publication we are planning ahead quite far into the future. This time is used to get to know our contributors well and form a friendly work relationship with them.

All our contributors are paid the same fee whether famous or unknown.


Where do you print?

We printed Chapter 1, 2 and 3  in Germany.


Do you have a distributor?

Yes, for Europe and the United Kingdom, we work with Antenne Books.

In Japan JdT is distributed by YUYBOOKS.

In South Korea JdT is distributed by LATE CHECK OUT.

Outside of these regions please contact us directly and we will happily discuss terms & conditions.


Where can I learn more about the publication?

Make it Last wrote about JdT in 2018 and It’s Nice That interviewed us in summer 2019. We have also answered a few questions for the German printed publication The Weekender Magazine in 2019.